nubians galore!!!


Anyway most of my wishes have already been hit but there is one piece that I always liked that not alot of games have.(at least not well done)

Property ownership...or the ability to find a remote location and start a hideout, fort, or small town. Then depending on your character's alignment you would attract certain sorts of people...so say you are a sneaky thief type character with a penchant for assassination...your hideout would attract black market folks and bandits looking for a real leader...

Just imagine starting the game with nothing but clothes(not even shoes!!) and then building up through the course of the game to where you could have a functioning town, with smiths, and sages, and guards and whatnot...Its almost like a more general version of sim city put into an RPG...I love the idea.

Couldn't agree more, I was thinking something very similar.
I would also like to see a developing character. Growing muscles, growing hair, slowly healing of wounds, scars, ...