You'd like Legend of Dragoon on the PSOne, a similar game to Final Fantasy. Each attack is a combo and you have to press buttons at the right moment to progress the combo. Every 20 times you fully complete a combo, it levels up giving greater bonuses. As your character levels up, more combos become available.

thanks ill check that out!

but I still would like to see a RPG that worked this way for PC so i can use a mouse and keyboard
(a little bit like rakion (from softnyx) this is no RPG but the fighting is kinda nice. you can't change your combos but there are some pretty nice attacks in the game)
that game also shows that is not always smart to just use your strongest combo but need to think about who or what you are fighting

so its very important that you spend alot of time balancing out the combos and not that a certain lvl is almost invincible because his armor or attack is so strong it doesnt matter what he does

There is no spoon !