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Anyway most of my wishes have already been hit but there is one piece that I always liked that not alot of games have.(at least not well done)

Property ownership...or the ability to find a remote location and start a hideout, fort, or small town. Then depending on your character's alignment you would attract certain sorts of people...so say you are a sneaky thief type character with a penchant for assassination...your hideout would attract black market folks and bandits looking for a real leader...

Just imagine starting the game with nothing but clothes(not even shoes!!) and then building up through the course of the game to where you could have a functioning town, with smiths, and sages, and guards and whatnot...Its almost like a more general version of sim city put into an RPG...I love the idea.

i was thinking about something similar like that too <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> but i didnt write that idea down because else my post would become too long for ppl to read.
anyway it looks like alot of ppl would like to see this in a RPG

and if your town gets really big it would be nice if you had to defend it because someone wants taxes or to just take over your town (unless offcourse you chose to live the RPG live peacefully then it should become some sort of sanctuary)

EDIT: if we could start our own (small) town it would be nice to pay some npc builders and have them build some buildings for you. And if the npcs have a certain rep (for instance negative rep for murderers/thieves positive rep for ppl that hunt down murderers thieves) we could allow only ppl with a positive rep or a negative rep. (or only rich ppl that will pay some sort of entry fee)
or only ppl that will build a house/store in your city.
well if this gets included or something similar i have tons of ideas more but as it prolly will be too hard to add something like this, I will keep those ideas for myself for now.
(because i think i speak for everyone here if i say that we wouldnt want to wait 5 more years before the game gets finished due too some insane gamers with too much imagination and too much spare time on their hands and thus too many ideas that imo are worth considering)

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