Two really awasome ideas.

[color:"red"]Larian, please read[/color]

nubians galore!!!


Anyway most of my wishes have already been hit but there is one piece that I always liked that not alot of games have.(at least not well done)

Property ownership...or the ability to find a remote location and start a hideout, fort, or small town. Then depending on your character's alignment you would attract certain sorts of say you are a sneaky thief type character with a penchant for assassination...your hideout would attract black market folks and bandits looking for a real leader...

Just imagine starting the game with nothing but clothes(not even shoes!!) and then building up through the course of the game to where you could have a functioning town, with smiths, and sages, and guards and whatnot...Its almost like a more general version of sim city put into an RPG...I love the idea.

Im not sure how you are planning to do the fighting
but Im dreaming for a long time about a RPG where we can assign our own combos to our mousebuttons
everyone could have his own unique fighting style and change it so it feels natural for every player
and as your level increases you unlock different combos/skills to use with those combos
because in my opinion most RPGs are just about clicking on your enemys and you need no skill (often just a high lvl, or a good armor)
and that is getting old and boring to me because I played tons of RPGs just like that.
but please at least let us use combos and not always the same attack over and over and over and over again

[color:"red"]Larian, please read[/color]