A little suggestion. Have some "flat" fields. Some mountains are nice and can guide the player to where he is supposed to go. But some rpg go overkill with this. Whats wrong with a huge valleys?

Return of the huge green fields, not huge mountain area's.

anyone heard of the mmorpg in development Fallen Earth?
It seems the world will be huge, covers a large part of the grand canyon, (takes place in a post acolyptic world a la Mad Max) It would take several days to walk/run from one side of the playable world to the other. Mounts are free, you can just hop on a horse, or build yourself a car. You navigate by landmarks. A similar thing in LNGRPG (larians next gen rpg) would be great, you start with a detailed map and find your way by landmarks and directions, markings on your map and a compass. Now the world itself doesn't have to be as vast but the principle of navigation would add a lot to an RPG.

It's one of these days...