You navigate by landmarks. A similar thing in LNGRPG (larians next gen rpg) would be great, you start with a detailed map and find your way by landmarks and directions, markings on your map and a compass. Now the world itself doesn't have to be as vast but the principle of navigation would add a lot to an RPG.

Well imo its better to get a non detailed map at first and as you explore the world, the map gets more details.
This way you know where you have been and where you haven't.
A compass is nice but it should be just a compass and not like in oblivion where it shows you where you need to go. Because you get used to it and just run where your compass tells you to go instead of learning your way around the world. and in the end we don't even have to read what kind of a quest it is. Just run where the compass tells us to go and see what happens (so if you choose to implement an ubercompass, make sure people can turn it off)
I just want to find a RPG that doesnt become repetitive after a week (or less).

Speaking about repetitive please make the towns/caves/dungeons different.
because for example in oblivion those gates to oblivion were often too much alike and eventhough we had the choice to not play the main quest it annoys me to not have finished it. (and it was kinda weird how you could enter the mages quild without knowing all that much about magic, or join the fighters guild as a mage)
and in gothic 3 (I was playing as a rebel) I didnt want to have to finish quests for the orcs but if I didnt I was missing out on a huge part of the game...
(and it would be too repetitive to restart the game from scratch as an orc mercenary because alot of the quests wouldve been exactly alike)
it was also kinda lame that we had to start as a swordfighter and couldnt choose what he looked like. it couldve been such a richer game if we could be an orc or play through the game without having to touch a sword.
so when you give us choices make sure we actually have choices.

In simple terms to make sure you understand what I mean: give us the choice between an apple and an orange (or maybe even a banana)!
I do not want to choose between an apple or no apple...

There is no spoon !