I don't really care whether the world is seamless or not - a great game can be done with all three options mentioned above, and as long as the RPG is fun to play, graphics are less important to me. Like ‹bereil, I think Arcanum has done a good job of presenting a huge world while focusing graphical variation on selected places of interest.

[color:"orange"]Im dreaming for a long time about a RPG where we can assign our own combos to our mousebuttons
everyone could have his own unique fighting style and change it so it feels natural for every player
and as your level increases you unlock different combos/skills to use with those combos
because in my opinion most RPGs are just about clicking on your enemys and you need no skill (often just a high lvl, or a good armor)
and that is getting old and boring to me because I played tons of RPGs just like that.
but please at least let us use combos and not always the same attack over and over and over and over again[/color]

I'm strongly opposed to RPGs becoming fighting games that are won by the player's ability to quickly press the right buttons ... I wouldn't buy such a game. It's nice if you have to vary your method of attack depending on the foe and if your foes are clever enough to counter your tactics, but having dozens of different attacks and requiring the player to create combos from them should be reserved for hit'em'ups, imho.

Jade Empire (for the Xbox) has different fighting styles to choose from, which nicely fits this Asian-themed RPG, but you don't have to switch quickly between them. Moreover, they are unbalanced, and the fighting system is re-worked for the PC version that is due to come out in January 2007.