I'm strongly opposed to RPGs becoming fighting games that are won by the player's ability to quickly press the right buttons ... I wouldn't buy such a game. It's nice if you have to vary your method of attack depending on the foe and if your foes are clever enough to counter your tactics, but having dozens of different attacks and requiring the player to create combos from them should be reserved for hit'em'ups, imho.

I'm not saying it should become a beat'em up game or use difficult combos
i mean if you press left mousebutton twice you shouldnt see the same attack twice but make it successive hits
and if you press forward and then hit the left mousebutton you should do a stablike movement
and for example use right mousebutton to use some stronger and slower attacks
and as your skills/level increases you should be able to use slightly different (better) attacks

gothic 3 was a step in the right direction but imo this couldve been worked out abit better

my problem with the gothic 3 attacks was that eventhough they change as you become a master they do not change enough
i mean there should be some lvls in between because you got the master rank much too soon
and it didnt really matter who or what u were fighting you didnt need tactics
often just keep hitting the left mousebutton would do the trick
to me this is boring...
another problem with gothic 3 was that i didnt feel the need to find teachers and spend the learning points i was strong enough anyway. Getting your char to a higher lvl should be something to look forward too

and if we could change the attacks as we see fit we could have a bigger choice between for example an agile swordsman that uses quick successive strikes opposed to a strong one that uses slower and stronger attacks, or the ability to have abit of both.
i can not understand why you wouldn't buy such a game because how i see this you could adjust it and tweak your build untill you have designed the fighting style that feels the most natural to you. and if you don't care about this you could just keep some default attacks.

And offcourse the game should be kept interesting but if i get alot of rewards too soon and unlock too strong attacks early in the game i get the feeling the game is almost over because i can't develop the character any further
(or at least not in the attributes that have any use to me)

so correct me if im wrong but i think that you misunderstood me
all i want is that the fights become interesting
else we could just point to our enemys click on them once and see our character fight them. and if the game is like that the fighting isn't exciting or fun but just something you want to have finished asap.

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