How about the Final Fantasy XII system ? You can assign actions to your party members, optionally adding conditions such as "only heal when health < 50". As you get further, different conditions and actions become available.

haven't tried FF XII (yet)
but I don't like to assign actions to party members
i just want "intelligent" party members who won't get into trouble all the time.
i dont want to be a babysitter.
but when i get a "healer" in my team he should just concentrate on what he is best at (healing and not getting himself involved in the fight). just like if im a fighter and i get another fighter in my team he shouldn't rush into a fight if im not rushing into it.
unless im helping him thats something else
well i just dont want to be constantly telling my team what they should or shouldn't do
i just want to able to have interesting fights that aren't always the same
but an optional "please heal me" shout to a possible healer in my team should be ok or maybe a "wait here"

There is no spoon !