[color:"orange"]and if we could change the attacks as we see fit we could have a bigger choice between for example an agile swordsman that uses quick successive strikes opposed to a strong one that uses slower and stronger attacks, or the ability to have abit of both.
i can not understand why you wouldn't buy such a game because how i see this you could adjust it and tweak your build untill you have designed the fighting style that feels the most natural to you. and if you don't care about this you could just keep some default attacks.[/color]

You can have an agile swordsman who uses quick successive strikes by focusing on the dexterity/agility attribute and choosing quick weapons like a rapier, whereas a strong swordsman who uses slower and stronger attacks would be focused on the strength or constitution attributes and use heavy weapons like battle axes - what else do you need? I think that's a much better approach than having combos.

Keeping fights interesting is fine, but having different special attacks and getting better ones as you advance in level is not a new concept in RPGs, and it's neither tied to having combos.