[color:"orange"]and if we could change the attacks as we see fit we could have a bigger choice between for example an agile swordsman that uses quick successive strikes opposed to a strong one that uses slower and stronger attacks, or the ability to have abit of both.
i can not understand why you wouldn't buy such a game because how i see this you could adjust it and tweak your build untill you have designed the fighting style that feels the most natural to you. and if you don't care about this you could just keep some default attacks.[/color]

You can have an agile swordsman who uses quick successive strikes by focusing on the dexterity/agility attribute and choosing quick weapons like a rapier, whereas a strong swordsman who uses slower and stronger attacks would be focused on the strength or constitution attributes and use heavy weapons like battle axes - what else do you need? I think that's a much better approach than having combos.

Keeping fights interesting is fine, but having different special attacks and getting better ones as you advance in level is not a new concept in RPGs, and it's neither tied to having combos.

well i wouldn't call a "swordsman" using a battleaxe a swordsman
and i was just giving examples
but why didn't you comment the part "or the ability to have abit of both"
or "and if you don't care about this you could just keep some default attacks"
(or in other words let the computer worry about your "combos")

but am i getting it right you just like bashing on one single mousebutton ?

I never claimed that this is a new idea.
all i want is a way to use different attacks like a fast attack, a strong attack, a somewhat more defensive kind of attack (or a counterattack)
and i dont want to hit quickly with the rapier
then restart the game put my attributes differently and let my swordsman use a battleaxe to get a strong attack

agreed we have the attributes to give the basics to our character to be either a fast hitting agile swordsman with a rapier or a strong and slow fighter with a battleaxe or hammer or something
but imo this shouldn't mean that all a rapier can do is to use the same attack
its main attack should prolly be fast for successive hits, but would it bother you so much that as a rapier user, you would be able to use a slightly stronger attack also when you are facing big and slow enemys
with an axe or hammer this could mean you could try to chop your opponent in two pieces by using the strong attack (so raise it above your head and chop down with all your might) and just a sideways attack more as a counterattack

and again this doesnt have to be new but wouldnt you think it would be lame if a mage had only one attack (for example a fireball) and all the mage could do was boost his attributes so either he could shoot fireballs faster or boost the magic so it became stronger
i dont think many people would be happy with that

so all i'm asking/saying is that imo it would be better to give us the choice wether we want to use different attacks or not.
we could still keep the old attacks (since they will get stronger because of the attributes) but this way we will be given a choice

or dont you think a character should be able to fight slow and fast enemys as well ?

and it doesn't have to mean that more combat options would mean less other options
this game isn't finished yet and i hope (and i think everyone on this forum) wants this game to be a better game than any other RPG we played before

and as i said if you don't like fighting we should be given the choice to have a more peacefull way to play the RPG
but i just want to have the choice...

There is no spoon !