Well, substitute "battle axe" with "two-hander", if you like, the "in between" thing being a broadsword or whatever. Apparently, you want to have fast and strong attacks, regardless of which weapon you use. I don't find it very convincing that you should have a fast attack with a heavy two-hander or a mighty blow with a light rapier.

well i said that the basics were dependent on your attributes (and weapon)
so the "slow and strong" rapier attack wouldn't be as slow or as powerfull as the axe.

And no, fights shouldn't just consist of frantically hitting the mouse button. I prefer turn-based tactical fights, though I realize they are getting rare. I also like real-time fights that you can pause to analyze the situation and to adjust your tactics, if necessary. I'm not interested in fights that are only tests of whether you can press the right buttons quickly enough.

replace the word "combo" with "tactics" and the only difference would be that you had more time to think it through and i would need to make fast decisions
the enemy does this so i should do that...
so add a way to pause the game and we could both be happy
or maybe just forget the word combo but i used it since it appeared like an easy way to do different attacks. but to me pausing the game would make it less real.
turn-based is also something i could live with, the reason i started about the combo thing is that fighting in recent rpgs was boring most of the times.
but i either want the fight to be a challenge as in pressing the right buttons at the right time. or either as a turn-based fight that actually needed you to think about the pros and contras of certain strategys.
and im sorry i understood you wrong at first but you gave me the impression you were happy with fights as in oblivion or gothic 3 for example.
and in those games "frantically hitting the mouse button" would often do the trick

If I get you right, you want something that keeps you occupied while your character fights. Fine. In Divine Divinity, fighters had a special attack you could use when surrounded by enemies and a normal attack you could use against single foes. That made sense. So how many different attacks are you suggesting to implement and in which situations should they be effective? If you just want your character's attacks to look flashy, I don't mind. However, there's a difference between an option to switch fighting styles and a necessity to do that if you want to win.

yes i would like something that keeps me occupied. something between 4 and 8 attacks at a time would do the trick for me, that is if they could be changed so i wouldn't end up using the same attack a thousand times.
if getting better at a attack would make the attack more "flashy" it could also help a little bit not that it would become more fun or the kind of fighting i want. but hopefully it will not look as repetitive as it would without the attacks getting flashy.

What you've written sometimes rather sounds like the latter. If I can let the computer worry about my "combos" and still fight as effectively as someone who uses the different attack options you've mentioned, why would most people bother to use different attack options at all?

i can't speak in the name of most people. but those different attacks would require you to rethink the fighting style, make it more challenging and interactive.

This is part of the problem that Jade Empire had: Different attack styles (and in an Asian-themed world where they really fit), plus enemies that were immune to certain attack styles - but most of the time, one still didn't have to switch between, so many players found them boring (and additionally, they weren't balanced).
In my eyes, this is a fundamental problem: Either you force players to switch styles/press different buttons, or the whole system becomes somewhat superfluous.

well as i said in a previous post they would really need to balance the attacks for it to work if the attacks aren't balanced they shouldn't even bother.

im getting the impression that there is something we agree on:
it should be challenging!

but i guess you want a more strategic fight while i would like to see a more fast paced fight

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