I like the idea of lar_q. It takes out the boring walking from oblivion. But does the player have "the feel" it is one world? And is the idea of polymorfing in to a dragon to cross great distances still in play at this point?

as you put it, i like the idea. A very important thing is that the world feels as one big thing but with different things everywhere.

I would totally hate it if you'd do it like NWN or NWN2, the "module system" takes away the whole "one big world feeling".

What is very important to me too is that it isnt like a lineair way you follow ( like NWN2 or Titan quest)

for me, the ideal thing for the world how to be would be much like Gothic3, i really really liked that game. Anyway, idd rather have some stuttering then an end to a "level" or whatever. If you can see the whole world [color:"red"] and you can cross to the next level wherever you want. [/color] NOT some single point. it seems acceptable.

Ayway. It would be really bad if the dragon idea was gone <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/disagree.gif" alt="" /> and i think this idea will get rid of that (or perhaps theres a good solution).

Gothic 3 was the best RPG this year imo (by far)

Have you played NWN2? Because I havn't played Gothic 3!


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I am playing NWN2 atm, directly after i played Gothic 3. NWN2 looks a lot better on my comp but anyway, it really lacks much that i think a game should have. The world doesn't have the feeling its alive and thats the basic for a good game imo.
Anyway, Im enjoying NWN2 too, but not by far as much as i would have hoped after playing Gothic3.

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