Personally I hated the Guildwars fightingstyle. You just pressed alt (or whatever target closest was), then once in a while you pressed 1 and 2 for skills, and that was the whole fighting. The fights themselves usually lasted way too long. If I have to fight (peacefull resolutions for the win!), I want to do something in it, apart from pressing a few buttons.


Well obviously this is your opinion.
But guild wars had 8 skills not 2. Maybe you didn't unlock enough skills ?
the PvP fights could last (too) long but the main reason was that alot of people were scared and didn't want to rush into the attack.
To me guild wars only got interesting when I had enough skills that could be used together. And to become good at the game you did have to use all 8 skills.
but I agree the locking on was lame and I don't want to see another guild wars else I could just reinstall it or buy an expansion.

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