...[color:"orange"]click click click click health potion click click <-- just isn't interesting combat.[/color]

An active combat system would require a great deal more clicking, and I fail to see how turning combat into a test of coordination and reaction time makes things either interesting or more realistic.

Making combat interesting should be done my adding tactical considerations and making sure a straight frontal assault isn't always an effective method. Micromanaging combat is the opposite of that.

It's not as much a comment on the amount of clicking, rather the simplicity of it, for instance in many RPG's shields are there only for adding armor points they aren't really used as a shield.

The howto of the combat system should be plain and simple, use a limited amount of buttons. But the execution should be more complex. Say you target an enemy, just click to attack and keep your finger ready to hit the healthpotion bind is to simple. Your survival shouldn't depend on the use of potions, but on the knowhow of when to attack when to defend, who to attack -> strategy, tactics. I would even prefer potions to be scarce, something to save till you'll really need it, a boss for instance. Attack/Defence is quite simple, do not swing your weapon if your opponent does to, you'll get hurt. Swing after you blocked its attack, or when cuaght offguard. Aim to perform those 'special' moves rather then going beserk on your mouse/keyboard.

Combat should just another puzzle to solve, what enemy can be best defeated by what means, powerfull creatures come in small numbers, your actions should be measured and timed. While weak creatures who come in greater numbers should be finished of as fast as possible. Few blows of the powerfull opponent really hurt, try to avoid them. While you'll never be able to defend the many, so reduce their attack power fast. It's not about your typing skills, but your mind. In FPS games like Rainbow Six you won't rush in and empty your clips as fast as possible, the same should count for a good RPG, rainbow six has a lot better atmophere than for instance quake does. A good combat system will add to the atmosphere of the game.

It's one of these days...