Ok, now is my turn to give my 2 cents on what Lar asked about levels & all that.

Our current idea is to connect different levels to each other through specific "gates" ....

On the topic - Oblivion/NWN/Baldur's Gate load in the interior of houses as different levels. Gothic doesn't. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages - which do you prefer ?


i haven't played nro seen Gothic so i can't comment on that. However if it feels a bit like Dungeon Siege where u can move from open space to enclosure (for example, cave) without loading, that would be most useful. & i'm not talking about it being immersive & all that. Useful because if the enclosure (house, for example) is not a big space to load, then it should be seamless as it connects in 'real-time' to the outside world. Some examples given by a number of members here are great, such as hiding from Orcs in houses. For me, it'll be great for stealth especially when one plays rogue & wants to sneak into a house, so to move into the house seamlessly (with no reset of NPC placement in the house) knowing where the occupants are at that time would make it very feasible & real.

In the same vein, i wonder if loading of levels will mean resetting the previous level(s). In the case of Fable TLC, the previous levels are reset so u have repawning of enemies to fight. While it's nice at first & also good for levelling up, it gets tedious very fast too, i feel.

So to cap it all up, my preference is for integration between houses & outside world to be seamless. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

As for the subject of perspectives, i would like to state my preference one again - no first person mode. I keep getting headaches no matter how i try to get myself adjusted, so i really really hope Larian won't implement this.

As Larian RPGs consist more than just combat alone (though combat makes a huge chunk of the game), i hope the combat is not too heavily emphasised. If possible, please allow for non-combat solutions (sneak, diplomacy, distraction).

I feel that for combat, a hybrid of NWN & Dungeon Siege will be just nice, not too much yet not too rudimentary. A semi-automated combat will be nice so it won't be twitch-oriented (Diablo2 comes to mind) with hotkeys (like NWN) to initiate special move or action.

Now about quests, i feel that to prevent game-breakers, maybe Larian can introduce quest locking. Once players level up to certain number, new quests will be unlocked. Since the world is all opened right from the start, players will need to re-visit certain NPCs for newly unlocked quests. This will make interaction more than just one-shot, as is the case with almost all CRPGs (except maybe KOTOR, which has u to travel back to the previous worlds to complete new quests & all that). With that, the game, i feel, does not actually need an army of NPCs, rather create more depth on the limited number of them. This, i hope, will enrich the depth of character hence staying true to role-playing namesake.

So far what i have read in regards to the game in terms of its engine are all about graphics graphics graphics. I think it is important, however it is not the only medium to enhance game atmosphere. One thing that i have mentioned in the past, in similarly themed threads like this one, is the emphasis of sound. So what about it?

Instead of solely relying on visual clues for the game, sound can also be included. Say for example, inside a castle, one doesn't know what is going on in any room as none has windows. So what one can do is to eavesdrop (place ear on the door, for example) to learn if there is anyone inside or to learn of something new.

Also, for stealth, sound can be important too. When there is a fight, it should be noisy, so the noise should attract authorities to investigate. Vice versa, sound can be utilised by the players to know if there are soldiers nearby or whatever so they can rely on other sense besides sight.

I have tons more ideas for sound but i can't recall more right now. Maybe later.

ok, that's it for now. my 2 cents. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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