[color:"orange"]Aren't real-life fights a test of coordination, reaction time, and strength?[/color]

Yes, but adding key/button combinations to a game's controls still isn't going to make the combat more realistic. There may be more finger coordination and twitch reflexes required, but it wouldn't approach anything close to realism.

Anyway, for a non-combat related wish (though I've mentioned it before);

If there is going to be an automap and a fog-of-war, I wish the map would only clear areas that are actually shown onscreen. The fog-of-war is handy keeping track of where you have explored, but in DD I had to start avoiding equipment with sight bonuses, so the area cleared as I walked would not be too much bigger than I could see.

Ideally I'd like to see a two-toned fog of war; places your character can see are half obscured by a grey fog, while only areas that have been shown on screen get completely cleared.