[color:"orange"]It's not as much a comment on the amount of clicking, rather the simplicity of it[/color]

Well the large increase in the number of clicks for some of the active fighting systems proposed is a problem for me. I'll take simplicity over carpal tunnel any day.

[color:"orange"]Say you target an enemy, just click to attack and keep your finger ready to hit the healthpotion bind is to simple. Your survival shouldn't depend on the use of potions, but on the knowhow of when to attack when to defend, who to attack -> strategy, tactics.[/color]

Your character should be the one who knows when to attack, and should be able to execute the strategy indicated when instructed to attack.

[color:"orange"]Attack/Defence is quite simple, do not swing your weapon if your opponent does to, you'll get hurt. Swing after you blocked its attack, or when cuaght offguard.[/color]

What is the point of your character having an agility stat if your button pushing timing is what counts? Why have combat skills in the game if the fighting system is based on your own hand-eye coordination?

[color:"orange"]Combat should just another puzzle to solve[/color]

I would much, much rather do that by developing my character and choosing the best skills and weapons, than by hitting keys in the right combination at the right time.

[color:"orange"]It's not about your typing skills, but your mind.[/color]

You can talk philosophically about how these active fighting systems allow greater control, strategy, etc, but practically I have not seen a description that doesn't ultimately boil down to typing skills.

[color:"orange"]A good combat system will add to the atmosphere of the game.[/color]

The problem here is the differing definitions of 'good'.
Also, I don't want the combat system to add atmosphere to an RPG; that is what the story, dialog, music, books, graphics etc are for. The combat system should fit the setting and not get in the way, or become the focus of the game.