lepel wrote:

I would want the magic, trading and dialogue system to be more complex as well.
But when thinking about the last RPGs I played, I have to come to the same conclusion as before.
If the developpers think fighting is that important, they should work it out further. In the last RPGs I played it really bothered me. (much more as the simple dialogue or trading systems bothered me)

Well, you have quoted me... but the quote goes on actually. With this:

But as I tried to explain, that would not be the point in an RPG... because people who are not that agile - and, yes, there are such people - might want to play as a fighter, too. Or people who are as witty as an ant might want to play an intelligent character as well. And they have to be able to do that regardless of their abilities in real life - that's what ROLE means for me in RPG.

So, you want a nice fighting system, Alrik wants a nice system for writing poems, Ragon wants a nice magic system with too long spells, I want a great talking system... but at the end, it has to be playable by all players. Therefore, all parts must be usable by anyone. And an RPG is actually and ultimatively exactly that - no need to be agile, you let your character do that for you.

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