Exactly why can't the fighting be positive ?

Fight ? Positive ?

Sounds like someone who has grown up an a society where fighting and violence is generally accepted as a means to solve problems.

In other cultures it is not. These cultures would rather regard fighting as something awful, just because you destroy, kill, injure, frighten, etc. .

For those who don't care or believe in the "law of the strongest", fighting will *always* be something positive. That's why we have in real life a type of gun with the actual name "peacemaker" ! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/exclamation.gif" alt="" />

This "Peracemaker" is imho the ultimate symbol for the difference of cultural perception of fight : To some, peace is then when one of both is dead. For others, peace is achieved when both are happy (if possible).

This is a deep cultural difference I suspect.

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