Well, you have quoted me... but the quote goes on actually. With this:

I didn't quote the entire post because it wasn't relevant in the point I was making. I just wanted you (and others) to understand why I'm talking about the fighting and not about the other subjects.

About the "Role" in RPGs:
With a more complex fighting system it doesn't have to mean it would take the R out of RPG, and let me tell you why.
With a fighting system that contains more variations and more special moves (skills/spells) I would be able to pull of moves I would never be able to in real life.(and this by just pressing a few buttons) So basicly I'm not fighting myself I'm just telling my character what to do in the fight.
Would this make the game a Role Playing Fighting Game ? Perhaps
But does a more complex fighting system have to mean the other parts of the game
(dialogue, trading, property, etc.) have to be lesser options ?
I certainly hope not and I expect games to be able to become more complex in all their aspects.

There is no spoon !