There is one point, however, I'd like to quote in here, because I felt it was interesting :
2) The balancing problem...if you "poverlevel" only attributes which won't help you kill enemies (acrobatics, alchemy, smithing) the game will be hard, because enemies are stronger and stronger, but you still can't fight - on the other side...if you only level attributes for fighting the game is "too easy".

This is about Oblivion.
And this is imho how it shouldn't be, because in the last consequence (and I often think of "last consequences", no matter how weird they might appear to you), this reults in a game that favopurs combat - because it is seemingly the more developed and polished part of it.
Like one arm is stronger than the other one. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/winkwink.gif" alt="" />

Well there is an "easy" solution for that problem:
Make the fighting attributes and the other attributes different.
So when you lvl you can add a certain amount of points to fighting attributes and some to the other attributes.
But not all on fighting or all on non fighting attributes.
This way the focus should be kept in balance since the points in the other attributes should really make a difference.
And a certain amount of points in any of the attributes should be something to look forward to because it could mean richer gameplay. (but fighting would become inevitable)

But a solution that might be better is to be able to spend the points exactly how you want.
And if you don't want to spend points in fighting and live the RPG live peacefully, you should be able to.
If all parts of the game were really complex and worked out well,
it would become more of a RPG since you could be able to choose for a fighter but you might as well choose for something completely different.
(Maybe a trader that wants to make money to start his own town or build his own castle) And if it would be really versatile,
missing out on one of these things (for example fighting) wouldn't even be such a big problem.
And for example as a trader you would be able to bribe some enemys to start attacking different enemys, win-win situation <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />.
Or as some sort of politician you would be able to convince people to do this, while as a fighter you would choose something as: 'Do this or I'll kill you'.(Or just fight both enemys yourself)
And if you would build a town and it would become too big (for your ability in politics)
there should be some sort of rebellion and people (from your town) would want to get a different and better leader.
Or if your skill would be very high, it would be nice to be able to convince other citys to join your side and start your own kingdom.
(And complete quests for those citys to make sure they like you and will join you)
(something like united states or a union, help eachother in wars and lower taxes on the trades between the citys).
I don't know exactly how this could all be implemented into a RPG but imo it would be very nice and greatly boost the replayability of the game.
(that is if you don't hate the other professions. I'm someone that wants to try them all, see what suits me best and finish the game with that profession)
(Just examples of what could happen)

Also, you shoud only be able to receive some quests if your ability in something was high enough, while other quests would just be solved differently depending on your own choice.
(also to increase the replayability)
And maybe people that don't want to fight should also get some skills/spells but entirely different ones as fighers/magic users.
For example traders should be able to take some sort of trading skills with them like a permanent extra % when buying/selling items
or convincing some people that they should buy an item while they really dont need it.

There is no spoon !