[color:"orange"]It shouldn't become that hard, just hard enough to be able to keep the fights challenging.[/color]

Your idea of challenging is my idea of carpal tunnel inducing tedium.

Micromanaging fights just breaks down a simple interaction and allows you to control it in more detail. It lets you do things during the fight, but doesn't add anything. You still essentially have the same combat you didn't find interesting to start with, but with a distraction (hitting buttons at the correct time) to keep you occupied.

Instead of breaking combat down into components I'd like to see it made more complex, so you couldn't just give a warrior the biggest sword he can lift, to swing at every opponent until it stops moving. Enemy AI, resistances, vulnerabilities, terrain, etc could all be tweaked to allow/force more strategic combat.

Anyway, since nobody is likely to change their mind, I'll just say I hope Larian comes up with a way to make combat more interesting without resorting to micromanaging it.