Your idea of challenging is my idea of carpal tunnel inducing tedium.

Raze, this is not personal. Did you have carpal tunnel syndrome playing DD or BD? It had a lot of clicking, moving mouse clicking, just because there was so plenty to do, to explore, to inspect, pick up, throw around.

Now obviously a point-click navigation won't really workf from what I've seen from the engine demo and screenshots. You'll be using wasd & mouse. In third person, it would be hard to do complex combat without auto-target, detailed navigation using wasd in 3rd person is tricky. What I'm getting at is that combat can be very simple and challenging at the same time, block when needed strike back vurnable foe's. For example WoW has this system, quite the best system I've played with in 3rd person (mmo)RPG's, one difference with what Lepel and I are getting at is that combat/spells will rather be performed by simple key-combinations (shift+ hold mouse1 = inferno) (run + mouse1 = beserk) (run + mouse 2 = shieldbash), and not the usual 1234567890 or F1 F2 F3... keys.

Personally I find it easier to use simple combo's than using the Function or numeric keys.

In 1st person, auto-target would be lame, and combat would involve many mouse/wrist movements.

It's one of these days...