[color:"orange"]Raze, this is not personal.[/color]

No, just personal taste/preference.

[color:"orange"]Did you have carpal tunnel syndrome playing DD or BD?[/color]

No, though my wrist could be a little sore after longer playing sessions. Games that require a lot of mouse movement, right clicking or use of the arrow keys cause problems faster. However, going from one or two clicks per opponent to dozens would probably be an issue for me unless the number and frequency of enemy was cut back correspondingly.

Actually, with support for gamepads an active fighting system could be designed which would require less finger movement and a more natural hand position than a keyboard and mouse, so that could potentially offset some of what I consider the disadvantages.

[color:"orange"]In 1st person, auto-target would be lame, and combat would involve many mouse/wrist movements.[/color]

Another reason I don't like the first person perspective. There is generally little peripheral vision, so even just exploring requires a lot of mouse movement.

[color:"orange"]Nobody needs to change his mind, this is a discussion on wishes.[/color]

Perhaps that was poorly phrased on my part. I simply meant that since this is a matter of personal preference (not something you can usually change someone's mind about unless they have not yet formed a strong opinion) there isn't much point in me continuing the debate after I have explained my position. I just wanted to bow out of the discussion (unless someone comes up with a new take on it) by reiterating my objection to micromanaged combat, while acknowledging combat could be made more interesting than simply repeated clicking.

The way I said it the first time was much shorter. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/silly.gif" alt="" />