[color:"orange"]aiming at a target with a constant speed is alot easier as aiming at a target that can go from very fast to slow to not moving at all.[/color]

In practice it is usually much easier to change direction than speed. If you are trying to get away from an attack you would probably already be going as fast as you could, and weaving / diving would be more effective than slowing down. Even if you keep a burst of speed in reserve, you can not outrun a lighting bolt.
I'm not saying you are trying to get away from the attack but trying to evade it. I wouldn't go full speed all the time when attacking someone (and evading their attacks) but I guess thats just my opinion.


[color:"orange"]Imagine you are flying, in front of you are 10 enemys who are strong enough to survive more as one hit. Your char is a close combat fighter.[/color]

If you can fly around in the form of a dragon you will have a ranged fire attack (or ice, etc). It doesn't make sense to have combat for a flying creature if it is restricted to melee attacks, and letting you be a dragon that couldn't breath fire would be terribly unfair.
So are we gonna be dragons for sure ? this example wasn't about a dragon but about a close combat fighter. (= not a dragon)
And wouldn't you want people to be able to choose for a melee type of char ?
what if I want to mount the dragon (or some other flying creature)
and use a spear or something to kill my enemys with. So flying into the group of enemys you wouldn't want to have a target selected or use auto aim since you will just stick your spear in whoever comes close enough.

[color:"orange"]Now you don't want to finish them off one by one because else the other 9 could freely attack you.[/color]

Without an area effect spell or fire attack you would have to finish them off one by one regardless of the combat controls.
...not really, you could hurt them as you fly by and as you turn and fly towards them again you might as well hit another enemy since the other enemy might be closer this time. OK, so you can't kill them all in the same hit. but you don't have to take them out one by one.


[color:"orange"]Would you want to cycle through the targetting system to select the next enemy as you quickly fly in between and hit whoever comes close enough?[/color]

Firstly I would try to not be surrounded. Next I would attack the closest opponent repeatedly, using manual targeting if required, then move on to the next one. While I mentioned a hotkey to cycle through available targets, that would only be useful when there are relatively few opponents, or you just want to avoid targeting a specific one and don't care which alternate you get (ie leave a boss monster alone until you take out its support).
I'm not saying you will be surrounded because if you fly towards the enemys, they most likely will be facing you (else you could just hit them in the back). And as you fly by you already have some speed while those enemys don't so surrounded isn't the right term. And again finishing them off one by one is a bad strategic choice imo. (it depends on the situation and if you are alone or not) But alone vs a group taking them one by one shouldn't be able to work.
You are attacking just one target and the others are free to hit you and since you are focusing on that single enemy you will not really be able to defend yourself in a good way. (unless you have some seriously wicked skills I know nothing about) (and I know this is a ground to ground example, but in gothic 3 taking over a city from the orcs you would have to hit different chars to be able to defend yourself.)

[color:"orange"]Imo it would be better to just hit and see if you hit them or not. Because auto targetting isn't effective when you are alone and fighting against a group.[/color]

So rather than having to manually target in certain situations you prefer to always have to manually pick a target?

Auto-targeting is not as selective when there are large groups of opponents. However, the game can rank wounded opponents higher than those at full health to make it easier to keep hitting the same one.
Why do you really want to target the enemys ? I just want to hit in about the same way gothic 3 does. (but worked out better)
I don't want so select targets (unless when using some spells for example curses) And if it would require targeting, yes I would like to manually pick the targets.

[color:"orange"]And it does really matter if you are flying yourself or on another creature.[/color]
Not unless you can put that creature on auto-pilot and have it fly itself. However, the possibility of combat in flight strongly implies you must both fly and fight. Just attacking while the computer flied or just flying while the computer attacked would be boring and pointless. Why would Larian go to the trouble of putting flying combat in the game if it was basically just using your character to attack from a glorified moving platform? Besides, melee characters on the back of a flying creature would be at a distinct disadvantage compared to archers or mages.

Well but unless we are the dragon it would be too weird for me to be able to control it as if it was my own char. We should be able to control it in a way but more like giving it commands. I don't want the game to be like a crazy mod of a modern combat flying game. (so don't control the dragon like a fighter jet)
I really don't want to get the feeling the dragon is just a reskinned fighter jet. So unless we get wings in some way (evolving or some sort of being able to wear wings). I don't think we should be able to control the flying too much.
You could still use the wasd keys to move it, but more to evade things or fly closer to enemys than really controlling the dragons every move. And melee characters always have some sort of disadvantage versus ranged chars. But when they do get close they really are lethal.

[color:"orange"]on the back of a dragon using a bow you should be able to tell the dragon fly overthere or circle around that enemy (or that group of enemys)[/color]

And if a mage shows up and starts casting magic missiles, would you then have to stop attacking, tell the dragon to take evasive action, then switch back to your character to attack? Even if the character doing the attacking and the creature/thing doing the flying are different, you must be able to control them simultaneously. If the controls are separate, coping with even very basic enemy AI would require a great deal of switching back and forth.
why would we have to stop attacking ? and switching and all that ? did you really think this through ? so you really want a combat flying game where they made the fighting jets look like dragons ?


[color:"orange"]Offcourse if you use auto target (and the auto aim that comes with it)
it doesn't matter, but then you wouldn't really have to worry too much about the fighting since you just select a target start the attack and you fly around to keep yourself safe (and the attack would continue untill the enemy is dead).[/color]

You would have to break off the attack for evasive maneuvers, etc and you would loose the target when turning more than a little. Also, reasonably you could only attack when an opponent was below or in front of you. A dragon could not fly in a circle while continuously breathing fire at someone.

For dragon melee attacks you may be able to attack and have it continue until the opponent dies or you move, but that doesn't make much sense for ranged attacks. Also, if the enemy has a ranged weapon and decent aim you can not just hover and attack repeatedly. You are going to have to keep moving, so even under ideal circumstances you are only going to get a few attacks in before you pass over the target or otherwise have to break off the attack.

Speaking of hovering, if that is possible it should probably drain stamina more than flying fast. If dragons want to get away from a fight and take it easy they should either have to land somewhere or climb fairly high and glide.

So we really are gonna be dragons ? Are you sure about this ?
A fighting system with us just hopping on the back of our flying creature would be really hard and very different from a fighting system where we are the flying creature. We can't control the creature we are flying as well as ourselves at least I think it should be like that.

And I don't want to offend you in any way but reading some comments made it look like you enabled some sort of "ignore whatever he is typing mode" and just comment further on your own post instead of mine.

There is no spoon !