[color:"orange"]And what do you think about the option about the manual attack that with one click in the options menu is turned into an auto attack ? (as described in my previous post)[/color]

That would be fine if it can be done with a reasonable amount of effort and without effecting the game balance too much.

Contrary to your earlier comment, I think manual fighting might make things easier. If fights are decide based on the player's coordination and reflexes their character wouldn't need as much agility, for example, so could boost constitution more.
that might be a problem, but that could be fixed, attach agiltiy to some sort of delay times between attacks, or recovery time from attack to the next attack. Or make the agility need of weapons kinda high so that players that want an agile knight and the weapons that come with it, should boost agility anyway.


[color:"orange"]Do you think this might work or isn't that kind of auto-attack the kind you want.[/color]

In principle all that is required is a micromanaged fight system where you can choose to disable targeting and have the computer control aspects of your own character's fighting.

In practice, however, a micromanaged fight system implies a single character game with fewer, stronger opponents, alone or in small groups. A non-micromanaged fight system is more flexible and better allows for party members, pets, larger groups of opponents, etc. I think the choice of combat system will have a much broader impact than a box to check in the options.
Well I don't really agree with that. Because in Gothic 3 and in Guildwars there are both big groups of enemys as well as small groups. And since I want a combination of both fighting systems I can't see why there suddenly should be less enemys. Maybe guildwars makes a party work since they don't really use potions but you depend on your own magic/skills or on your teams magic/skills. But the Gothic 3 "party" system sucks. Or maybe it was just the poor AI.

I don't know why this thought suddenly popped into my head, but if you let NPC's talk (with eachother) please don't make their conversations so weird and annoying. In oblivion and gothic 3 I often felt like killing those NPCs just so they would shut up.

Oh and btw Lar if/when you read this, could you give us a hint about something so we would have more to discuss about. Because I think that unless new people (with a different opinion)get involved in the discussion there is not much left to say about the fighting system. (So either in what direction you are planning to go with the fighting or just a different subject).

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