You can still download it as a torrent(illegal ofcours)
Played it when I was little, didn't understand a thing of it, looked cool tough, with the flying skull, but it was to big for me. Maybe I will give it another shot if i come across it again.

To go back on Topic:
Necromancy!!! The ability to animate undead and reanimate the enemies you've beaten, I love it! A starting necromancer may be able to bring a rat back to life, while a master could have an army of minions following him.

Should you implent telekenesis in the game, please make it so that you can use it as a weapon, like using a mug to knock someone on the head which stuns him for a few seconds. Or taking the enemies dagger and stabbing him with it, whitout even being anywhere near him, just at a spot where you can see him. Someone who is very skilled in Telekenesis may be able to control multiple weapons with his mind, or using plates and different kind of items as shields to protect him.