This is something I found on a forum for "Lord of the Rings Online" but I like the ideas so I put it here :

I would like a lot to see realistic environment in this game. Reality that environment affecting the characters would bring realism into game and maybe people would respect environment more and makes you feel more connected to world. Characters would have to eat time to time or their health or morale starts to go down, you cannot go into icy area without dressing properly or dive into freezing water without consequences. Fog would example drain your morale a bit because you are not able to see are enemies near or not. Realistic environment would bring new strategic aspect to game: it’d be different to attack at night than day, fog lowers the field of view so enemies cannot see you as easily and you don’t see them... I would also like to see that we could use environment for our beneficial, attacking someone from top of cliff or building would prevent enemy attacking you without ranged weapon or magic or finding realistic way to reach you. I dont like that many MMOs you cannot do any of this and npc’s even walk up vertical wall or fly in the air to get you if I try to take advance of environment, that takes out all reality of the game. At this point the game looks great and so on but it’s too much like other games (MMOGs) out there and I would like to see that LoTRo makes difference in this matter by creating more realistic environment so the game would be much deeper and alive, not just decoration where you are running here and there. These are just some examples which would be nice to see in game. I'm not saying that without these the game is bad.

PS. Lar, is it possible for you to tell us which of the ideas you've seen here on the forum you like and that have a possibility to appear in the final game??? Maybe it's also time for a new update? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/winkwink.gif" alt="" />