Ok I "Wish" that these would be included, or in my opinion these would make the game so much better <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/think.gif" alt="" />

1.) I would enjoy being able to like create and own a store, maybe make some robberies happen, maybe I need to buy recources from the market, or maybe I need a provider, perhaps having like a stock, you know..

2.) A home, like being able to buy a home, What I loved to do in Divine divinity was to take my teleporter stones and after I killed some humans and stole their house, redecorating things.. (yeah.. shut up..) And making it somewere I can go...

3.) I'd basically overall love the the fact that I can be a rich mansion owner, or perhaps be a poor burglar, like, something that I for once dont' have to be a overpowered Warrior capable of killing any normal peasant, like, I'd love to be able to have a choice, perhaps instead of being overpowered, I can have guards...?
Even if I am overpowered, let me live in a nice manor..? own a cat.. ^.^

4.) I found that there was no mount.. Well I'd love there to be one ^.^, and stables lol ^.^

5.) Another thing would be the gear, like if I have a character who is a ranger, and lets say I'd like him to be all cloaked and dark, perhaps like to blend in.. with the forest, or maybe a tree hugger elf, like Id like him to be cloaked with a cloak but not loose all those pesky stats that I'd find on my Ultra Dragon skin Cowl of Death ^.^..

6.) I love it to base on more of a Divine Divinity feel rather than the Beyond Divinity feel, as in I loved the villages, cities, but didnt like the lava sorounded imp planets, and the realms which were like magically enhanced, though the magic librarys and the wizards chambers were all cool ^.^..

7.) More things to do when talking and adventuring in a Human City, like you know, Bar fights, occasional criminals, robberies, ranks in the Guard, as well as keeping those guilds.

8.) I'd like Roleplay actions, like I'd be able to laugh, emote, hug, w/e.. just to get me that certain feel of "Im not in a frozen world..." \

9.) I'd love to be able and explore all those little parts of the game that I just couldnt, like if I see a shield on the wall.. What stops me from reaching it.. O.o...? OR some healing potions on an alchemists workshop.. Perhaps after I take one then I'll be poisioned O.o??...

10.) I'd love to be able to have like clothing ranks, as in, If I was talking in a guards Uniform, I'm always irritated how everyone responds with like a Hey you.. Or if I have a beggars clothing, everyone will give me money.. you know..?
But if I see a guard with armor, I'd also love to be able to have that armor, and make sure it actually looks like it ^.^

11.) Realistic and random happenings, were If I'm walking on the street, I can trip fall, maybe I can find some buried treasure (lol)

These are all things that would make the game better, I am a player, so I've tried everything I possibly can in divine and beyond divinity, and After I played, I figured these were the things that would make it so much better, like I didnt help make the game so its not just about making it, its about how it would be like when someone plays it over 3 times ^.^

If you guys need more info, contact me at arpolk@chicagogenn.com arpolk@chicagogenn.com
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