don't know if this new game is BD2/DD2 or a whole new thing..?

i would like to see NPC's that join the players team. and i want them to have their own AI routines. if you aren't going to do it properly, don't bother.

if you're not going to have them try to pursue their own ojectives with some degree of intelligence and utilize advantages along the way, don't bother.

if you're not going to make them have preferences for certain weapons, equipment, etc.. and flavour them up with other data, don't bother.

if you're not going to make them have alignments and maybe have them talk to/argue/develop bonds with other team-mates, don't bother..

i don't like the AI i found in BD for monsters or players - and if the non-active char is armed with a ranged weapon WHY DIDN'T YOU MAKE IT TRY TO KEEP DISTANCE FROM THE ENEMIES? -- you really should expand on the tactics and incorporate some settings in your 'trophy' section (so player could maybe specify certain actions to take against certain creatures) - also, if the trophy screen is telling me my characters KNOW a creature is 90% vulnerable to fire and they have some fire arrows/fire weapons/etc then FOR GODS SAKE they should auto-equip them! (..what's the point of having a trophy screen unless to ACT ON that info? ..what's that you say? it's up to the player to do that? ..the less mouse clicking i have to do the better, don't you think?)

you let me pick up a piece of cheese(!) or a stone bottle (which i have found no use for thus far) so go to the trouble of fleshing out the rest of the game also! it's not hard..

..don't bother trying to be an indie company that competes with corporations, your games are cool and all, especially DD and BD. they are just as good if not better then stuff like Baldur's Gate <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> well.. JoWood (german team) is supposed to be a commercial company and their game Gorasul was CRAP! you should be very satisfied with BD! your RTS looks like something I could program (sorry for the backhanded compliment)

just make the coolest darn RPG ever and people will still be buying it in the next 10 years! that's what it's about isn't it? ca$h?.. since the system hasn't yet mind controlled us into buying anything and everything, you're only going to get this cool cash if you cater to your market. so start sowing those seeds! here we are telling you what we want.. notice how it's 90% the same stuff over and over just in differrent forms? ..if you build it WE WILL COME!

i still play old stuff like Wizardry 1! i even spend many hours getting emulators to play these games on my new systems and OTHER PEOPLE also do this..

i spent 48+ hours (non consecutive) getting the info to make the boot disks i needed for a certain game.. now consider i'd also be willing to part with an equivalent amount of cash for an RPG game that has EVERYTHING i want in it! do the math. people pay up to $80 ~ $100 for half decent games like halo3. i'm telling you i'm willing to pay double that if you just bother to make what i'm after.. sure.. don't do it just for me, what's $200 to you? chump change.. but when you multiply this $200 by X amount of people, suddenly it's worth the effort.. i saw 12,000+ people took that poll WHAT CLASS DID YOU CHOOSE FOR YOUR BD CHARACTERS.. so you've had more than 12,000 sales of BD. it was also recently released as a $9.95 sale, so there will be yet another wave of fans ($10 is not $200 but i digress) i paid $70 for BD 3-4 years ago (i always haggle) ..i hated it untill a week ago when i brought DD for $9.95 - now i just hate DD and retried BD (meh. don't mind me i'm just strange, but most RPG fans are)

[color:"orange"]just make a really cool detailed RPG that allows the player to more or less "experience the world and live in it" and it will still be selling in 10 years.. Wizardry 1 (circa 1980) came with the wizardry gold box set (circa 2004), and they even packaged it with special software to run it because it was SO OLD! (programmed in pascal i think?) [/color]

picking up cheese only goes so far.. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> BD is a great game tho' - heh. i hated it when i first brought it, now 3-4 years later it's cool!

my name was ben. enjoy the journey. facehatguy: (death knight) "this Tea is delightful!" unknown: "the troll you spare today could be burning villages tomorrow" (heh. trolls and fire do not mix)