[color:"orange"]i would like to see NPC's that join the players team. and i want them to have their own AI routines.[/color]

I don't have a strong prefference as to single character vs party systems. It depends on how they are done.

[color:"orange"]if you aren't going to do it properly, don't bother.[/color]

I agree. Parties allow much more flexibility, but there are a lot more things that need to be done right to have a good system.

[color:"orange"]if you're not going to make them have preferences for certain weapons, equipment, etc.. and flavour them up with other data, don't bother.[/color]

I'd rather create a character that I want than try to find a pre-existing character in the game that most closely matches this. I don't mind forming a party from recruited characters, but given a choice I'd probably create my own.

Gorasul had a couple interesting ideas, but was way too short, and very poorly balanced wrt money.
It is my understanding that LED Wars had very good AI for the time it was released. I bought it off eBay awhile ago, but have not got around to trying it yet.