[color:"yellow"]I don't have a strong prefference as to single character vs party systems. It depends on how they are done.[/color]
i used to prefer a team-based RPG such as Baldur's Gate etc. but single player RPG's such as BD and DD have proven to me it's possible to make a decent single player RPG - that is, when summoned or NPC's follow/join the player. (otherwise it's too hard to do it alone, and show me the magalomaniac hero who attempts to save the realm by his lonesome and i'll show you a fresh naieve corpse <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif" alt="" /> )

[color:"yellow"]I agree. Parties allow much more flexibility, but there are a lot more things that need to be done right to have a good system.[/color]
we're on the same page there.. we could maybe flesh out those things (what would need to be done) you up for it?

[color:"yellow"] I'd rather create a character that I want than try to find a pre-existing character in the game that most closely matches this. I don't mind forming a party from recruited characters, but given a choice I'd probably create my own. [/color]
ah, of course.. we'd all take 'Arnie' as our warrior if we could..
have randomly generated chars for this purpose? it would require some work, but would deliver what you're after.. i'm open to the idea of 'pre-generated' characters IF they can level up and develop also.. (and possibly if the player is charismatic enough/whatever, they may develop under your instruction/tutelage?)

[color:"yellow"]Gorasul had a couple interesting ideas, but was way too short, and very poorly balanced wrt money. [/color]
agreed. some of those random encounters were cool, enchanting your weapon was cool. the mini RTS in the kobold village was nice. the 2 tests in the dragon cave was nifty.. too bad only 15% of the classes were catered for, and many other letdowns.. i'm still scratching my head wondering why it spanned 3-4 CD's???

[color:"yellow"]It is my understanding that LED Wars had very good AI for the time it was released. I bought it off eBay awhile ago, but have not got around to trying it yet. [/color]
never heard of it. will google. is it like XenoGears? (i hear that is nice)

pleasure to interface with you, RPG unit <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

my name was ben. enjoy the journey. facehatguy: (death knight) "this Tea is delightful!" unknown: "the troll you spare today could be burning villages tomorrow" (heh. trolls and fire do not mix)