yeah sure....nothing to worry about...keep talking only sh*ts,i talked with a specialist that had a contact with larian,there aren't money.
About the release date...now i know somewhere in 2008.
I hope it will be a special game like DD and BD but this is the situation for now...a good game needs a lot of time and work,but also money,that larian doesn't got it.(excuse my english,and keep the good work Larian,and good luck,cuz u will need it),i'm off for now.

I'm pretty sure Larian has no money issues, for one they have a small development team and made 2 succesfull games. Two, a deal... make that two deals, one with VRT (Belgiums lead television network) and the BBC (Brittains lead television network) sure have their financial benifits. And three, since Larian hasn't signed a publisher yet, its quite obvious money is not an issue at this moment.

I don't know what your sources are, but they are most likely so very wrong.

It's one of these days...