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Greetings and welcome to the SKARDAVNELNATE all inclusive pack. This is a set of fixes for Planescape Torment intended to supplement the Fix Pack and/or the Restoration. As well as make them compatible with the other mods that are out. These fixes were devised by me after Playing the game several times and searching around in various elements of it using Near Infinity. As well as seeing what problems others on the board at GameFAQs have run into and finding solutions to those if I can identify the cause.

These are the versions and mods I've worked with: Fix Pack, The Restoration, Gibberlings Three Tweak Pack, Candlestick Quest, Cities Explored, and Tome o' Cheats.
I am not associated with any prior efforts aside from contributions to the Fix Pack and a mention in the Restoration notes. I am not involved in the maintaining of any site.

Useful Links


Manual Full Install

Platter's site with the 1.1 Patch, Fix Pack, and his mods
[EDIT: Platter's site appears to be gone, but the 1.37 patch can be downloaded here. There is also a 1.38 patch listed on that page, which may or may not overlap or conflict with Skardavnelnate's fixes.]

The Restoration

Gibberlings Three Tweak Pack

Infinity Explorer

Near Infinity


File Structure

Torment contains files that go in Torment's root folder.
Override 1 contains additional fixes for use after the Fix Pack.
Override 2 contains additional fixes for use after the Restoration.
Extra contains fixes for use after some of Platter's mods, adds compatibility, and has other files intended to make the game easier.
G3 contains edited files for Gibberlings Three Tweak Pack.

This pack is not intended to redistribute previous efforts. This pack contains only the files I've edited myself. If there are any overlaps in file names between one version and another the files included with this pack preserve the changes from the version prior to it and are provided to safely overwrite those files.


1. Install Planescape Torment.
2. Install the 1.1 patch if using the 4 disc version.
3. Apply the Fix Pack from Platter's site.
4. Copy contents of override 1 from this pack to Torment\override.
5. Optional: Apply the Restoration if desired.
5a. Copy contents of override 2 to Torment\override.
6. Copy Dialog.tlk and quests.ini from this pack to Torment.
7. Optional: Apply additional mods. MaxHP, Dustman Robe, Candlestick Quest, Cities Explored, Tome o' Cheats, Armor, Etc...
7a. Copy appropriate files from Extra.
6. Optional: Copy any other files from Extra you wish to use.
9. Optional: Install the Gibberlings Three Tweak Pack and apply mods if desired.
9a. Copy contents of G3 if used Stacking.

1 comes before 2. 2 is not 1.
The included Dialog.tlk is built up from the Restoration version. Some mods such as Tome o' Cheats and Armor add new strings into Dialog.tlk when they are installed but won't undo any changes.
Gibberlings Three edits the files that are present and doesn't undo the editing already done on them.


First distribution.

Fixed a mistake I made while typing the Restoration Tome o' Cheats file. GLOBAL -> CHEATS
Learned more about WeiDU and realized my previous cross compatibility for Gibberlings Three was redundant. Looked for files that had been skipped instead of for ones that had been overwritten.
Changed installation order
Changed Curst Administration implementation and added a script
Added characters to area 0400
Added characters to area 0700
Added characters to area 0701
Ratcharm and Chaosmen faction problems mentioned on GameFAQs
EAX Silence problem

Curst Administration now uses the variable KILL_ATHAR KAPUTZ to keep from replicating each time Upper Curst loads
Added Pendant of Yemeth Quest
Enabled some options that relied on Deionarra_Death_Truth
Removed EAX Silence files that were unnecessary
Some Check Triggers & Actions changes

Fixed a mistake I made where Kii'na's creature file was selected instead of Kiri's.
Added fix for getting multiple Unfolding Portals and "The Justifiers" by killing Nadilin.
Made Nadilin killable only once.

Another replication problem, this time Rake-Chaser was getting added by the area script and his own counterpart script during the Day/Night transition. He now checks for the presence of himself and if confronted with his own existence ends it.
Fixed Dustman Mourner dialog
Identified some Gibberlings Three stacking issues
Nigh Invincible is more powerful

Corrected Nigh Invincible, the previous one possibly interfered with the player's tomb
Added a fix that might help avoid a game crash when triggering a trap in the Fortress of Regrets
Found a rat that kept respawning because a variable failed to set
Portal in the Fortress of Regrets was continuously opening
Located Morte's comment for Kii'na
Collecting rat bounties is less tedious
Candlestick Quest portal was continuously opening

There were 3 doors that became locked open with no key for them
Blade of the Immortal and Modron Cube now say Use instead of Talk to Item since these items don't speak
Rat Charm weight
Annah's override scripts wouldn't always set

Added Candlestick quest descriptions
Simplified my change to Annah's dialog
Able Ponder-Thought's dialog now uses a bit to track the 2 conversations about Ravel
Added a journal entry from Vaxis
Changes to Ratbone's script (Pendant of Yemeth)

Added Extra.txt
Added Party Separations fix
Trias' dialog
Trias Portal
Fixed problems with Increased Gambling and added it under Extra\Gaoha


What this distribution does, the short list:
Candlestick quest descriptions
Sound for Acid Storm spell
Barmy Xaositect Item
Think of Vermin and Disease Control
Unstacked silver rings in Curst
Correct pentagram cursor
Made Lowden more accessible
Unlock Tenement of Thugs doors
Roberta won't wonder off
Fortress trap crash
Fortress "machine" portal
Lone Rat
Unlock Preparation Room Door
Hermit has Guardian Mantle
Able Ponder-Thought
Setting Annah's script
Sabotage weak spot
Cinder - Corvus confusion
I said farewell, Kii'na
Remember the 8th circle
Petitioner questions
Fell's back room
Kiri who?
Morte's negative decrease
Mourner chant
Annah's sacrifice
Many-As-One gives fighters poor memory
I caused the fire
Sell 1, 5, 10, or 20 rat tails at a time
Sensate privileges
Finam again?
Vaxis journal entry
Chaotic truth with Vhailor
Farewell, farewell, Xachariah
Curst Administration
Deionarra Death
Elyce & company
Many-As-One said I could leave
Morte comments on the Dead Book
Killing Nadilin
Stale Mary's 2 skulls
Not your ordinary thugs
Trias Portal
Barmy Xaositect Factol
Pendant of Yemeth quest
Party Separations
Kiri is more identifiable
Curst Population
Selling skulls
Mourning shift
Candlestick colors
Journal entry duplications
Specialization item availability.
Grammatical and spelling fixes
EAX Silence problem
Several problems identified by Near Infinity
Cross compatibility between various mods
A few cheats

What this distribution does, the Long list:
See Long list.txt

Using Nigh Invincible
Copy the files from Extra\Nigh Invincible to Torment\override.
Turn Part AI on. When your characters are more than 1% injured they'll be fully healed.
TNO doesn't heal in the Player's Tomb. Hostile PCs will not heal.
Get them to a safe distance and stop actions if not taking effect.
Spell casting characters will also memorize their spells if not performing an action.
You can also press X to fully explore the area.
Turn Part AI off to stop effects.


Area, Creature, and Worldmap require a new game to take effect. Dialog and Scripts can be changed mid game.
Applying .WED files mid game will cause a crash when loading the area it pertains to if that area was previously visited.

Specialist variable
Used for Brimstone Hammer, Backbiter, Runeblade, Tattoo of the Warrior, Tattoo of the Thief, and Tattoo of the Art.

7 12
Fighter n/a 1
Thief n/a 2
Mage n/a 3
Fighter Fighter 4
Thief Thief 5
Mage Mage 6
Thief Fighter 7
Mage Fighter 7
Fighter Thief 8
Mage Thief 8
Fighter Mage 9
Thief Mage 9

Fighter 1 4 7 !0 !2 !3 !5 !6 !8 !9
Thief 2 5 8 !0 !1 !3 !4 !6 !7 !9
Mage 3 6 9 !0 !1 !2 !4 !5 !7 !8

Xero or Xeno Xander:
I was told that Xeno is one of Nihl Xander's ancestors. It looks more like just a spelling error.

StrRef: 6819
I am Nihl Xander, great-grandson of the artificer Xero Xander, engineer, dreamer, creator.

StrRef: 6798
Because my great-grandfather, Xeno Xander, set your face in stone...

StrRef: 6763
You came to my great-grandfather Xero and told him you couldn't dream...
you feel a memory coming on.

StrRef: 6772
The memory of the young artificer Xeno Xander overwhelms the words of his descendant...

StrRef: 6767, 6775
The work on the machine continued when Xero died. My grandmother Nula...

Xero is mentioned 4 times, Xeno only 2, both are referred to as Nihl's great-grandfather. The name even changes between talking about him and having a memory of him. Xeno should be Xero.

Examples of other things to look for with a DLG search.
There are many, many entries with 2 spaces between words instead of one.
"that that"
There are instances where they could say something other than "that" twice. Like "that it was the same gem from Moridor's Box" instead of "that that was the same gem from Moridor's Box". Or "after that when I was betrayed" instead of "after that that I was betrayed".
"be" - overused as a verb
There are spots such as with Sarhava where you could say "I'll start cutting bits of *you* off" instead of "I'll be cutting bits of *you* off".


Will Infinity Explorer and Near Infinity ever be updated? The About screens don't match what is reported on their sites.

It appears DABLE.DLG in the Restoration was built up from the base version. Why was it done this way? It caused another thing to fix that wasn't addressed. Those included here are built up from the Fix Pack with original functionality added.

What is the purpose in changing Pacify to Armor? Xero Xander could have made more than one. And he must have since he cast one scroll in the memory and you're given another. Plus you can only get it by not wanting to use the Dream Builder?

What is VHELM.ITM? It was included in the Restoration but not mentioned in the notes and I haven't found any references to it.

Why include chitem.log in the Restoration? It has only a list of Marrow-Friend errors.

Questions and Answers

You list several changes that are already included in another effort. Are you taking credit for someone else's work?
This is a result of the order in which I made my enhancements. First I used only the 1.1 patch and Fix Pack. Playing the game, using the tools in Near Infinity, and challenging myself to learn something new. Then I installed the Restoration and edited in my own changes that were overwritten. Sometimes I had enhancements that coincided. Other times my own enhancements are on top of someone else's. Then there are a few where something someone else added needed more work. Where they do coincide I make mention of this and I've documented each change I made to each of the files I've included in this distribution. It's also been my effort to make the other distributions compatible with one another. I'm not associated with certain enhancements and take no credit for devising them. Instead I made observations as to which files overwrote others and edited them so that they have the desired features from several previous versions of that file.

Some spells don't display properly. What can be done about it?
There are 4 ways to correct it with varying results.
1. Use an older driver for your video card. If it's a nVidia card try driver version 61.77.
2. Lower your monitor resolution and in the Torment.ini change Full Screen to 0.
3. Under Video Options enable Software Blitting and Software Transparency.
4. Go to Advanced Display Properties. Under the Troubleshoot tab lower Hardware acceleration to the 3rd notch.
1 and 2 are sort of a hassle. 3 slows the game down. 4 sometimes leaves a pointer trail that can get in the way when reading.

What can be done if the game crashes when loading an area?
Delete the files in Torment\cache. Try entering that area again.

What can be done about error An Assertion failed in D:\Torment\Source\chitin\chdimm.cpp?
Make sure your discs are clean, not dusty or scratched. Copy all CD contents to one directory. Example C:\Torment. Run SETUP.EXE and install the game to the same directory. Edit Torment.ini and change the CD paths under [Alias] to the directory where you copied the discs.

What can be done about error An Assertion failed in F:\Torment\Source\baldur\CVisibility.cpp?
This is likely caused from not starting a new game after applying the Fix Pack then trying to enter either Vrischika's Shoppe or the Apothecary if you've already been there. Remove the 2 .WED file from Torment\override and try again. Note that you should start a new game after modifying certain files to see their effect as well as avoid potential problems.

In the Restoration notes it mentions DCHEATS.DLG. Where is it?
I suppose that's what one gets for making deals with a Fiend. A book that can't be read by its owner. Install Platter's Tome o' Cheats mod. You'll have a working book at the start of the game with Morte's normal dialog. If you want Morte's restored dialog but not start with the book overwrite DMORTE1.DLG from the Restoration. If you want Morte's restored dialog and start with the book overwrite DMORTE1.DLG from Extra\Tome o' Cheats\Restoration. Either way you can safely load your game and the one you bought will also work.

The Gibberlings Three Tweak Pack says the implementation of Explore City Areas differs slightly from Platter's Cities Explored. In what way?
Both versions of the files contain the exact same commands. Only the placement of the Explore() command differs. 1500GUL9.BCS appears to be identical. In the other character scripts Platter placed the Explore() command at the end. Gibberlings Three has this at the beginning. In the area scripts Gibberlings Three continues to use IF OnCreation() THEN RESPONSE #100 Explore(). Instead Platter used IF Exists("Nameless") and !GlobalGT("ARxxxx_Visited","GLOBAL",0) THEN RESPONSE #100 Explore(). Platter's method explores the area only the fist time you enter. The G3 method explores each time so the files could be be added mid game and take effect in areas you've already been to.

The Gibberlings Three Tweak Pack says it shouldn't matter which of the two, or both, you use. How can someone use both Gibberlings Three Explore City Areas and Platter's Cities Explored?
Gibberlings Three edits the files instead of overwriting them with a different version. If you already have the Cities Explored files in the override folder Gibberlings Three will add its commands at the beginning leaving the rest of the file as is. In some files the same set of instructions will appear twice.

Which Explore method did you use?
To remain consistent with the other Cities Explored files I used Platter's method. However I also made 2 mods that can be used in addition to Cities Explored, or as an alternative to it. If you want to reveal the current area, regardless of what area it is or how many times you've been there, I added an explore hotkey to Nigh Invincible. If you don't want to cheat quite that much there is also the Cartographer extra. When using either just have Party AI on and hold down X.

Is there any difference between Gibberlings Three Max HP On Level UP and Platter's Max Hit Points?
Both contain the same information. Gibberlings Three has added a space between most of the lines in each table. I have no idea what difference that makes.

Why are you still reading this? I must have been bored when I wrote it. Go play the game.
1. Sorry, what was that? I was preoccupied with updating my journal.
2. Of course I'm still reading this. I might even devise some enhancements for the game myself.
3. I had other questions in mind.
4. Your unique take on the use of grammar amuses me. By the way, you misused the apostrophe.
5. Lie: By the hells? I would never say any of these previous options.
6. I did one of the previous works. You criticize me a lot.
7. I was waiting to see if you would write anything funny. Guess not.

Special Thanks
Hail Platter, our silent king.
Praise the Tormented, they suffer so that others may die.