Hello all. Thanks for the work on such a great game.

I have some concerns about installing this mod. For one, it looks to me like it may not be compatible with the five fixes that come with the widely available Fixpack 1.37b beta (a.k.a. 1.38). They both have a couple of files with the same name, and this mod overwrites them. I lack the skills to test if this mod's fixes incorporates those.

Also, and this is more in the lines of a request, I -hate- installing Restoration only to have to tell it to replace dozens of files from the Fixpack, especially when some of the Fixpack files have a more recent date than Restoration files (granted, this mod has nothing to do with that problem, unless it fixes it.) Do the override files integrate the two together? That would be seriously awesome.

Honestly, what I'd love to see is a -single- install that combined Fixpack, Restoration and the fixes provided by this mod, with the individual files touched by two or three of those mods replaced by versions that incorporate all the fixes between them. No more having the same file in two or three different spots and basically having to choose (mostly blind) between fixes. Is there anything blocking such a collection and integration of the various fixpacks out there, such as a naysay from the original authors?

If not that, then maybe WeiDUization of two or three of these mods, such that they can be installed on top of one another.