Weapons and other items:

Swords with spikes along both sides of the blade which activate when they hit an object. Harder to wield 'cos it adds on weight so you need higher strength and better agility or you'd hit yourself in the face.

Wands with hidden mechanisms which activate when they hit something. A character skilled in detecting traps will be able to see them.

Plant a trap which looks like a venus trap flytrap. When activated, the plant will be able to attack and lunch on your enemies.

Also, remember the weapons the thugs wielded in DD? It'd be pure fun to play with them.

Another idea:

I actually enjoy being able to talk to the other characters in my party to learn more about them, even if they're summoned creatures. Clicking on them will allow you to converse with them or to issue orders to them(if they're your familiar or something else).

And it's a shame that rpgs don't have death messages anymore. In some games I used to play, there were messages which were humorous, biting or even just slightly sarcastic.

And finally, monsters whose attack ability is based on your level, so you get experience for killing them.

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