The problem of a character getting out of the game area is not uncommon, though it becomes much rarer after act 1 (not nearly so many narrow corridors, etc).
If you have the character still in the game area either enter and leave the battlefield, or take some stairs, it will bring the other character back. Also, it is possible to get a summoning doll through a wall (see armory trick in act 1), which you can use to get into or out of the play area.

A couple people have had corrupt items when playing under Vista. Switching to Win 98/ME compatibility mode should prevent it from happening, but I believe you will need to start a new game (once the corruption occurs in a save it will continue to happen, even if you transfer that save to a non-Vista system).

Inventory graphic placement bug

The Version of BD you bought would have to be already updated to 1.49, otherwise it would not have installed under Vista (the copy protection drivers would fail to install due to the changes made in Vista, so each time you tried to start the game you would get a message that you needed to reboot to complete the installation). Installing the patch over an updated game version shouldn't do any harm, though.

Depending on where you installed the game and how you have your user accounts set up, Vista will create the dynamic folders and save game folders under your user profile path, rather than in the BD folders. That may account for at least part of the size difference.

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