Hey guys,
So today i decided to take a break from WoW and reinstall this sweet game and play it.
I remember playing it on either a warrior or mage about 1-2 years ago, getting pretty far in the game too.

I've been reading up to remember stuff, and my main question is, what class to pick? I can't remember much of my last toon, but i get the feeling i was playing a hardcore mage and he was was amazing.

I know the warrior has good damage, and obviously if you wanna be a caster then you go with mage. I also know the classless system of the game.

I need to know a few quick things, to better help me decide what to pick:

1- If i make a mage, and go for the pure caster path, is it doable? (and by duable i mean not really hard to play, as long as it's decent). Also, what would be my weapon of choice?

2- How is the play style of a survivor? I really want to make one, and specialize in playing just like a rogue/assassin. using daggers, poisons, hiding and stuff. I read tons of posts on these forums but barely found any details on how exactly this class works and if it can be done this way.

3- Assassin's kiss skill, that uses backstab, makes me confused lol. Do i have to be behind a target to get the ability to trigger?

4- How exactly does the survivor class skill "sneak" work, for the male version? I know that it makes me go in stealth mode, but as soon as i get a few inches near the enemy they attack me. Does light or distance affect this?

5- can i get tips on how to play a survivor in it's RPG sense of playstyle that will work with the game's combat mechanics? sneaking, traps, backstabs, daggers, poisions, and stealing tricks or correct methods?

6- can i please get a list of what survivor skills are broken, or don't scale well as i level up?

Thanks alot for anyone who answers these, because so far, the idea i'm getting is to make a pure hack/slash warrior with a few mage spells like freeze, in order to play smoothly through the game, and well, i'd rather be a caster or surviver if i have more insight on how these 2 classes work later on in the game.