hmm so should i stop playing this new Survivor i made, and start a typical hack & slash warrior with freeze, and some other random spells?

I was playing to play my Survivor like this:

Sneak up on enemies, use dagger as main weapon coated with poison, kill 1-2, go back into sneak mode, ambush a few more, rinse and repeat. Also i would set traps and lore enemies to them. Pretty much your typical roleplay gameplay style of a Rogue/Assassin/Ninja/Thief

I was gonna keep a nice bow in handy, pump up agility and health, moderate strength and barely any mana.

I was gonna take the following skills: (some were not maxed so i get more points from quests or books, or to later on max if i have more free points)

Telekinesis (1 point)
Restoration (2 points)
Freeze (maxed)
Identify (4 points)
Alchemy (3 points)
Lock pick (3 points)
Pickpocket (1 point)
Know Creature (2-3 points)
Blind (maxed)
Curse (i heard it is better than the Mage version, should i max it?)
Assassinís Kiss (maxed)
Deadly Gift (1 point for scorpions)
Poison Weapon (maxed)
Embrace Shadows (test it to see if it's better than sneak)
Elven Sight (3 points)
Bow Expertise (maxed, no dagger expertise?)
Repair (1 point)
Augment Defense (maxed)
Life Leech (maxed?)

Also, is Fade From Sight spell a good idea for my class?