I suggested a warrior since it sounded like you were not too sure about playing a survivor. If you have already started one, though, that impression was obviously incorrect.

I'm not sure if you would want to Sneak all the time, or just with stronger opponents. You can not move as fast when sneaking (maybe Embrace Shadows is better?), so it would slow gameplay down. In games like Thief that adds to the atmosphere, but DD is balanced with more direct combat in mind (ie lots of weaker opponents with a few stronger opponents and bosses).
Also, some combat is triggered by dialog options or cutscenes, so you may have to move out of an opponent's sight range before being able to Sneak (not sure how these skills work, but if being too close will un-hide you, I assume trying to hide too close to an opponent will fail).

Traps are a good idea. Playing a warrior I stashed some at my base to try out eventually, but never got around to it.

Your plans for your stats sounds good. Stamina regenerates fairly quickly when resting, so once you get your health up a reasonable amount, I don't think you will need to get your constitution too high just for stamina. You can judge that as you level up and use the sneak skill(s), though.
If you are going to be using traps a lot, stacks of traps can start to weigh a fair bit. Most of the game you can keep the majority of traps at your base, though, and teleport back whenever you need more, so moderate strength may be enough. Survivors don't get a big damage bonus from strength, so once you have enough for equipment requirements there isn't a huge benefit to increasing it, anyway.

[color:"orange"]Telekinesis (1 point)[/color] - I maxed this skill with purchased skill books.

[color:"orange"]Restoration (2 points)[/color] - right, you can get 3 levels from quests and a found spell book.

[color:"orange"]Freeze (maxed)[/color] - Some people like Freeze, but as a warrior I never bothered with it. Try it out and see how you like it.

[color:"orange"]Identify (4 points)
Alchemy (3 points)
Lock pick (3 points)[/color]

Sounds right.

[color:"orange"]Pickpocket (1 point)[/color]

Yep, but if you are not going to pickpocket for fun, keep an eye out for equipment with this bonus. I found 1 item with Pickpocket relatively early (before I needed it) and throughout the game also found 3 items with Repair, 1 with Identify and 3 with Trader's Tongue.

[color:"orange"]Know Creature (2-3 points)[/color]

Level 1 - identify monsters up to level 10. Shows the hitpoints of the monster.
Level 2 - identify monsters up to level 20. Shows damage and armour of the monster.
Level 3 - identify monsters up to level 30. Shows offence and defence of the monster.
Level 4 - identify monsters up to level 40. Shows the chance to hit, hearing and sight of the monster.
Level 5 - identify monsters up to level 50. Shows the resistances of the monster.

IMNSHO you don't really need the exact hit points, since you can see both the damage done and the health bar of you opponent. Damage and armour are also easy to observe. The offence and defence don't mean much by themselves, and don't really help in formulating an attack. The chance to hit it fairly easy to observe experimentally. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif" alt="" /> If you use Sneak (etc) a lot, knowing the sight range of an opponent might come in handy. IMO, the only useful information given are the resistances, and that is primarily of interest to a mage who needs to determine which type of attack spell to cast.

Before investing too many skill points in this, try just killing one of a monster type, and then check your trophy page for the details.

[color:"orange"]Blind (maxed)

Curse (i heard it is better than the Mage version, should i max it?)[/color]

See how effective casting level 1 a couple times quickly is (or how easy it is to right click a couple times before switching to an attack), then decide if you want or need a higher level.

[color:"orange"]Assassinís Kiss (maxed)
Deadly Gift (1 point for scorpions)
Poison Weapon (maxed)
Embrace Shadows (test it to see if it's better than sneak)
Elven Sight (3 points)

Bow Expertise (maxed, no dagger expertise?)[/color]

Assassin's Kiss is the only 'dagger expertise'.

[color:"orange"]Repair (1 point)[/color]

Fully repaired equipment brings the best price. I put 2 skill points into Repair, and with 3 found items having that skill bonus, could batch repair equipment with less than full durability to sell or trade with. Before those items (the first just outside Aleroth, the third halfway through the game), I found plenty of crappy, broken or full durability items to be able to trade as much as I wanted, and never needed to pay to have anything repaired or sell anything good at less than full durability.

Gold is easy to come by mid to late in the game, though, so paying for repairs isn't going to hurt (for a good item, the jump in value after repair can be much more than the merchant charges to repair, so you can still come out ahead).

[color:"orange"]Augment Defense (maxed)[/color]

There is a quest in the Dark Forest that can either give you a level of Augment Defence or Augment Damage.

[color:"orange"]Life Leech (maxed?)[/color]

Some people like Curse (perhaps multiple times) + Life Leech (also maybe multiple times) + an attack to finish off strong opponents relatively easily.
Save and try it out (I never tried it playing a warrior, though LifeDrain on a weapon was handy early in the game).

[color:"orange"]Also, is Fade From Sight spell a good idea for my class?[/color]

That depends on how much mana you have, vs how much stamina. If you keep running out of stamina but have lots of equipment mana bonuses, you may want to try Fade From Sight. Otherwise, I think the effect is pretty much the same as Sneak / Embrace Shadows (nobody has mentioned a big difference between them in the forum, anyway).