Charm - don't know (probably ignore); it has rarely been mentioned in the forum. I think you may need to Curse a stronger target before being able to Charm it (at level 5, Charm can be resisted with a Spiritual Resistance of 25).


I think the charm skill is broken. From the spell desription its sounds like a spell I used in another game. It should allow you to convert a monster to fight on your side and thus would be a powerful spell. However I tried it in the wastelands and used surviors curse to lower the monsters resistances to less than 20 (spiritual) I had the charm skill maxed and when I cast it a little pink heart appears on the creature I cast it on meaning the charm spell was in effect. The mosters still attacked me instead of fighting for me. Fortunatley I knew to save before trying it out so reloeaded. So avoid charm like the plague.

I believe scorpians will attack even after you go invisible. So while an assassin build may be more challenging than other build, I guess scorpian is the balancer if things get too hard.

Both spellshield spells are a help. One is for physical damgage and one for elemental. You can ususually get 1 or 2 points in this from spell books. These spells can be cast on the creatures you summon. Have said this I don't use them much because after a while it just gets to be a lot of extra casting. They can be nice in an extra tough situation.

Oh and ressurect will revive a creature you killed and then it will fight for you. It won't be as strong as it was originally but its a great spell to have.
Be sure to test it out, you might like it.

Even a survivor should probably get 500 mana (from equip or charms) it gives you greater flexibility.

In this game a lot of spells just need 1 point in them to help alot. ie resurrect, life leech, I prefer to max the survivors curse because that way it takes less casts to get the resistances down.

If you decide to reload to get the best uniques you can generally get 50 to 120 resists just from your equipment before adding any charms. But this won't happen until your past midway through the game. Very early on the 2 most important resists to try to get avbout 20 into is poison and fire. You don't need to worry about lighting until the wastelands. When you go to the sewers under Verdistis you should have 15% spiritual resist or you risk getting polymorhed.

You can buy equipment to try out spells to. Early on when I was level 4, I had boots with deadly disks on them. As I was not very good at melee then. (I was killing orcs south of the market to do the Marcus quest) I could use freeze and deadly disks to get by until I leveled. Then when I didn't need that skill and get better boots I just sold the ones with that spell back. I killed the leader of the black market under the sewers with deadly disks when I was level 13. Actually its a decent spell but you have to be fairly close to the target to get its full effect.