I think the charm skill is broken. From the spell desription its sounds like a spell I used in another game. It should allow you to convert a monster to fight on your side and thus would be a powerful spell. However I tried it in the wastelands and used surviors curse to lower the monsters resistances to less than 20 (spiritual) I had the charm skill maxed and when I cast it a little pink heart appears on the creature I cast it on meaning the charm spell was in effect. The mosters still attacked me instead of fighting for me. Fortunatley I knew to save before trying it out so reloeaded. So avoid charm like the plague.

I tried Charm lately with my lvl 12 Warrior and it seemed to depend on the type of creature wether they could be charmed. With thugs, the charm definitely worked (if there was only one thug on the screen and I charmed him, he would stand still; if there were several of them, he'd attack those who attcked me). It does not work on boars though; they do show the pink heart, but they still attack me. Anyone can confirm this?