[quoteIf I started over, I would probably make a straight bow fighter (Warrior or Survivor wouldn't be much of a difference). Bows are ridiculously overpowered compared to melee weapons, probably due to Strength bonues damage being applied to them (for whatever reason). I'm still trying to make my Warrior a melee tank, but so far (level 17, doing Orc Quests) bows are just a lot more efficient and safe to use. I would actually have played a character like the one you are suggesting, but I wanted to save that for Beyond Divinity (with my Death Knight being a pure melee tank and my character a mage summoner/archer)


Your right about over powered bows. Why is that in every game of this type they always overpower bows? I find that a bit annoying. It gets even more overpowered in the wastelands. My melee charactor routinely gets bows that do 25-160 damgage from drops and the highest one is, get this 61-190. The highest 2 handed sword I found was around 90-145 damage. On top of the bow doing more damage, you can use the split arrow skill and all the elemental damage skills. The one that adds posion to a bow gives much more poison(I think 8 to 10 times more than for the melee poison skill)

I enjoy fighting the orcs the best. At level 17 is tough against the elites. I always took out any of the drummers 1st, 1 point in freeze to stop them because you usually have to chase after them. I wasn't strictly melee then either. I had 1 point in skeletal wall at level 16 which occupied half of the orcs. If your lucky sometimes the elite giant orcs will drop a gold charm.

In my opinion level 16 (because thats when you can start getting really nice skills) until about level 28 is the most fun to play. The beginning is a bit of a hassle economically and as your charactor gets stronger it begins to overpower
most of the enemies.

I reloaded all the uniques, saving before I identified to get really nice equipment. But the game wasn't balanced for the best equipment, at least not on normal level, so I am trying hard difficulty with no reloads. I guess there are no unique bows but like you say the ones that drop are way high damage already.

It takes a while to get a good melee charactor. Around level 22-25. They usually lack agility before then. Not enough agility means you get hit too much and have to low of a chance to hit back. Plus takes tons of stamina potions for swirl attack. One point in life leech can compensate for low agility as my charactor would drain a giant elite orc down so 1 hit would kill it.

You can check your chance to hit by mosing over your offense rating. The defense rating will show the chance that a monster the same level as your charactor has of hitting you. I found that when my melee tank had less than 75% chance to hit he would kinda suck eggs.

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