The further you can draw the bowstring back (without breaking the bow) the more force the arrow will strike with. That may not scale exactly the same as a melee weapon, but at least having the strength damage bonus is plausible.

Ah yes but there was a time that I was into archery. Was resonably good at it. This was with a reflex bow before compound bows came out. (This dates me I think--oh well) Anyway no matter your strength an archer always draws back to the exact same point. The nock of the arrow would be near the corner of your mouth. Drawing back the same amount to the same point insured accuracy. Its the same in any sport like a golf swing, bowling etc. The same release means accuracy. So there should be no damage modifier applied. How it should work is there should be more now classes with higher str requirments. Because if your not as strong you maybe use a bow that takes 45 pounds to draw. If your stroner 50 or 55. So it would be more realistic to have the high damage bows require 100 str.

At any rate the bow I found that did 61-190 damge is rediculously high. Consider the fact that there is also a skill to increase bow speed and some bows have speed 6 on them. This means that a bow is doing 50% more damge than the highest damage 2 handed sword in the game at the same speed.

If you took 100 swordsman and 100 archers and placed them 100 yards apart in a real life medevil setting. My money is on the swordsman. Because bows just do not do more damage than a sword and an reknocking an arrow can not be done at the same speed as swinging a sword. So the Swordsman would take losses until they closes on the archers but once then closed - that would be the end of the archers.

I know its a game but every game like this makes the archer the most powerful unit. The archer was a support unit not a unit that fires 6 arrows with more damge than a swordsman with poison on top of that. I will load my charactor with the high damage bow and post the pic later.

The solution inmy case is simple, I don't have to use the ultra powerful bows. But it just irks me to have them so inbalanced that I have to play down to the games level and use lesser items to give the enemies a chance in the last 1/3 of the game.

Edit to add pics. Even with no mods these bows would take out anything much too fast to be fun to play. Only perhaps if you didn't use the skill that adds speed to a bow would anything have a chance. Why put something like this in the game because killing everything in 3 seconds isn't what I call fun. In my mind the idea of having powerful items is to go up against a powerful opponent. The enemies in this game don't have enough hit points to stand up to bows like this. Plus look at how low the requirments are.

Another point with the bows is you can stand face to face with a melee monster and still keep firing. I always wonder how anyone with a sword standing 1 foot in front of you, would allow you to nock another arrow. But all games are like this. I wish one of them would make an archer type one of the most challenge charactors to play. That would make playing an archer more rewarding imo.

Games tend to make archers into tanks. Archers never wore as heavy armor as the swordsman. In games they have the same heavy armor as a melee unit and can stand up in the frontlines after they get the requirment to where the armor. I think archers couldn't where armor because it would be too difficult to fire accurately in it and they probably needed to be able to run faster than swordsman if the swordsmen that defended tham were overrun. The ranges should be limited as well. Bows used in this time period were not accurate over 40 yards. Thats why archers fired high arching volleys in mass. It was the volume of arrows that did the damage on massed troops.

The more I think about it the less sense it makes to have an archer this strong. A swordsman stans right next to his opponent, in the game his max % to hit can be 94% Really how can he miss, he can get blocked. But these are heavy swords not the fencing types and no one in the heavy armor is go to dart out of the way. The take the archer class. He can pluck away from 80 yards or so and hit at the same 94% with more damage.

What really turned me off to over powered archers was Diablo2. Probably a dirty word in these forums. At one time everyone who Pked would build a high level archer because it was as over powered as in this game. At least this game does not have the skill where you face the wrong way and the arrow does a 180 and follows the enemy.

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