as for drawing the bow string back for extra damage... yes it is feasible to some extent on a bow that is tailor made for the archer and is somewhat sophisticated. That's the idea behind the *MIGHTY* composite bows in D&D. But of course this only is true to a certain extent... so unlimited strength bonuses are a nono. BG1 was another game where bows completely owned everything, which may be one reason why I was never very fond of it... I like melee characters and, though building an archer is nice, they shouldn't dominate the game. Oh well

I guess if I ever wanted to play a melee character again, I would take a Warrior and pump strength and constitution first and use hammers (which don't need agility). I would only plunk points into agility when I'm falling too far behind on the hit/dodge ratio. I would compensate for the lack of reliable hits (due to low offense) with direct damage spells, so the occasional point would be divided between Int and Agi