[color:"orange"]How it should work is there should be more now classes with higher str requirments.[/color]

That would be more realistic. As you said, though, the main problem is the high base damage for bows.

[color:"orange"]there is also a skill to increase bow speed and some bows have speed 6 on them.[/color]

The recuperation time isn't going to get less than zero, though, so a speed bonus on the bow just means it is a little faster early in the game (before you max the Bow Expertise skill).

[color:"orange"]This means that a bow is doing 50% more damge than the highest damage 2 handed sword in the game at the same speed.[/color]

Is the base attack time for swords and bows the same?

[color:"orange"]Why put something like this in the game because killing everything in 3 seconds isn't what I call fun.[/color]

Probably the same reason Frost on a weapon ignores the target's resistances, so always freezes it.
I tried a Frost sword briefly, which was also not fun (as soon as I hit anything the fight was effectively over, I just had to wait for my character to hit enough times to kill it). At least with an over-power bow, fights are not fun and short. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/silly.gif" alt="" />

[color:"orange"]Another point with the bows is you can stand face to face with a melee monster and still keep firing.[/color]

With a single character game, the alternative would be forcing the player to keep running away (perhaps realistic, but not much fun) or switch to a backup weapon (which could perhaps be seen as a hassle).

BD had speed penalties for heavier armour. That wasn't enough to cause a realistic penalty for an archer (or mage), but maybe DD2 will be better in that regard.