Thank you Raze, I was kind of hopeing you'd answer this one. I did read your post on Wisdom, and I figured the answer to this question was also a lot of math formulas I barely understood. I guess I'm sort of going for it this round, but I've held back a lot. I am curious now to start a new game and try to continually go for creatures quite a bit above my level.

I have to think, if there are roughly the same total number of monsters available in two different levels (ex. as around 100 total level 15 creatures and around 100 level 35 creatures) and at your char's level, you could go for the lvl 15's at 1500 xp each, or go for the lvl 35's at 8200 each, it's worth going after the 8500 xp ones even if it means losing out on the 1500 ones (850k vs 150k). But I'm sure it's more complex than that. That sounds about right though, better to get more now than less later. Heh now I really want to try it out, get a lvl 10 or so char working on the start of the Dark Forest. It would have to be done very carefully I'd imagine.

I know squeezing every bit isn't needed for the end of the game, this is just something I think about smile I did a little resurrecting at the end of my first time through, and found it really wasn't my thing. Thanks for your reply. If anyone has "done the math" please share. My suspiscion is that while it might give you a significant accelleration in leveling for a lot of the game, it probably levels off and evens out at the end.