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[quote](snip) Of course, when I say 'you' above, what I mean is 'not me'. laugh
I am a little curious about this now, but don't see having the time for it.

Thanks again Raze. Yeah I'm starting to think this was not such a good idea (though I'm still not sure). The number of Dragon types and Insanes etc (lvl 30s to low 40's) seems relatively low compared to seeming tons of various lvl 12 to low teen boars, snakes, bees, etc. And then once you've cleared out most or all of the higher level creatures, where do you go from there? Then there seems little point in going after things that give you 2000 xp when killing 20 of them barely registers a sliver of green on the xp bar. Or maybe it's no big loss seeing as I did pump up to lvl 28 in (relatively) short order. Hmm well I'll keep going heh.