Good point. It's probably knowing that I've already burned through all the higher "common" monsters, and all thats left are things around my level and below. I'm fairly certain that by the time I reached the point of taking out most of the Dark Forest creatures my first two times through, I was at or near the 40's, as it stands I'm 39 and I kinda doubt killing common monsters will get me much further than that. Probably time to either complete some quests or just go for the gong and try to get into wastelands at around lvl 30. I probably should get my reputation above 12 heh.

I really am starting to think there's something to be said about sticking to creatures around your level and not too far above, (maybe 10 lvls) just working your way up, even though it seems like you're missing out that way. I imagine the distribution of the creatures is much like a bell curve, very few lvl 1's through 15's, very few 35's to 50's, but a whole mess in the 15-35 range. Now I wish I knew how to find out heh. Anyway, I'll let you know what happens.